Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swim lessons

Big things happening at the Behymer house. Both boys are growing big and in their own ways learning new things. Lyndon just completed a big 2 weeks. His first time for swimming lessons!! Last summer he did great in the water, he was very comfortable. He had his first venture with only arm floaties. He would even float away from us. With all of that being said I was so excited for him to begin swim lessons. I felt like he was so comfortable in the water last year that he'll be ready. We first, key word first, enrolled him in the preschool class. It was 6 kids and 3 teachers. So the first day came. Lyndon seemed to actually be excited. Once we walked up to the pool he stood right next to the entrance gate waiting to go in. The teachers of each class come to the gate and call the names of each child and they follow them. Then the hesitation began. He didn't want to walk in without me. The sweet teachers allowed me to walk him in. I handed him his towel and slipped away. Once I got over to where the parents sat I saw this sweet picture.
My big boy sitting on the bench so bravely and listening closely to his teacher.

I still can't believe how big he is. Will I make it when he goes to school, mother's day out, for one day next year? Ok back to swim lessons. Next the teachers walked his class over to the side of the pool and had them sit down on the side with their feet on the drain. Check, he had no problem with that. Next, one by one a teacher lifted each child into the water. Lyndon even had no problem with that.... Until he was in. It seemed as soon as his feet touch the bottom of the pool he turned around and headed to the side and got out. Bummer!! His sweet teachers let him sit there until he was ready to get in. As he was sitting on the side of the pool he was still being a good little student and listening to his teachers. He would raise his arms when the others did, and even splashed when the others did, but with his feet. By now our 30 min class is over. He came out and met me with a smile on his face. I asked him why he didn't stay in and he just said he didn't want to. So the rest of the day and into the evening we talked alot about getting in the water the next day, and how much fun it will be. Well, needless to say all the talking about it didn't change a thing. He was just as excited to go this morning too. But sitting on the side was all the fun he wanted. And let me just tell ya, he knew he had a price coming from me and his nanny if he got in and stayed in. But nope, didn't happen. This time one of his teachers came out to meet me too and suggested we do the mom and tot class for the rest of the 2 week session. I had considered that class in the beginning. But he had been so comfortable the summer before, so I chose the preschool class. I had no problem with the mom and tot class, and boy did it make a difference. Just as I knew he was comfortable in the water. He was great. Other than the Oklahoma wind that made our 10am class a little chilly we had a great time. It was only us and one other mom and tot. So our 2 weeks came and went and Lyndon passed with flying colors, his report card is the proof.
Even with 2 days sitting on the side of the pool, I consider it a success. I'm pretty sure Lyndon would agree too. His Nanny had a prize for him every day.
Way to go Lyndon. Momma is very proud of you!!

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