Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day dedication

We had a special Father's Day in our house. Not only was it the special for Lyndon and Denton to love on their wonderful daddy, we also got to stand before our church family for Denton's baby dedication. We got to have Lyndon's baby dedication on Father's Day too. Which has made them even more special for Jeffery. Baby dedication for Jeffery and I is a big deal. We are truly going before God and our church family as witnesses committing to raise this baby in the ways of the Lord. They did something at this baby dedication that I don't remember our church doing before, for sure not when we dedicated Lyndon (we have a new children's minister so I do believe it was new). Just as you say your vows of commitment at your wedding, they had us parents say our commitments too. Our pastor read statements of commitment and we responded with "we will". I loved this. It made the commitment feel even more important. I'm a very visual, hands on type of girl. Hearing the specific words hit the right cord with me. I feel so blessed to have a husband who has the same desire and intentions when it comes to raising our children.

Happy Father's Day Jeffery and baby dedication day Denton!

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McCain Family said...

You have a sweet family and you all look so happy! Little Denton is getting so big!
You look beautiful, Daysh. Love ya!