Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3 already

Can it really be must be since it's been so for 2 weeks now. Lyndon is a big 3 year old!! I just can't believe it. But what fun he is. On his first birthday Jeffery and I decided that we would make it our little family tradition to go to the zoo on Lyndon's actual birthday. I know this will continue even when he's 13, 16 and 21 right?! Don't burst my bubble. So that's what we did this year as well, on Wednesday May 18. It was a beautiful day, cloudy over cast with a really nice breeze. What a special treat that began this year, of course having his little brother with us.

Our traditional picture we've taken every year as we leave

My parents got Lyndon a bike and helmet for his birthday. So he wouldn't be consumed with it and nothing else at his birthday party we decided to let them surprise him with it on the night of his actual birthday. So much fun, he loved it!!

And last but not least it was time to celebrate with the party. I was really looking forward to his party. It wasn't anything fancy. Just as we've done the past 2 years we invite friends and play in the backyard. Lyndon has really been into the Thunder this season. His Pope' has taken him to 2 games and his daddy one. He can name every player and their number. So it was no question in my mind what type of party to have for him. A Thunder Party. I really want to make my kiddos birthday cakes as long as they will let me, and with a theme, again as long as they will let me. I went an easy route this year and just made a regular round cake but made it look like a basketball. We are so blessed and honored to have friends and family come celebrate our sweet boy with us. It was a great day.

I think he made out really well

all in our Thunder gear, even little bit

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet boy. Your daddy and I absolutely can not imagine life without you. You're smile and laugh brings so much joy to our lives. We love you!!
Lyndon's 3 year stats: weighing in at 28lbs (10-20%) and 37 1/2in (50%)

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Melodie said...

oh! i didn't even know it was a thunder party! just knew it was sports. good job on the b-ball cake. looks like his 3rd was tons of fun!