Monday, May 23, 2011

Big big day

May 7,2011...what a big big day!! First off it was my due date for sweet Denton. Clearly we didn't make it to that date. This was a huge milestone for what all we can do with Denton as far as getting him out and about and around others. And what better way to celebrate his due date than at the March of Dimes March for Babies walk. We have been apart of this charity since Lyndon was born. Of course our hearts grew more and more passionate to be apart of this organization since our Denton's premature birth. We were so happy to be able to bring our two SOONer Boys to the walk this year. The past two years our team name was Lovin' Lyndon. Of course we had to include our new little one. One evening while Denton was still in the NICU and Jeffery was up there with him he had the realization that preemies are sooners. We have 2 SOONer Boys. That's where our new team name was developed from. Way to go daddy!!
We celebrated big at the walk. It was emotional and weird for me all at the same time. Yes, without a doubt I am standing on the truth that God chose this to be our families story and that he has had his very powerful hand all over my boys. But it is still a realization that gives me a lump in my throat that this is the story of my boys. But from here on out we will sing "Praise Ye the Lord" for these two little boys. Now for some fun pictures of the day.

Our family and friends were so wonderful to come and celebrate our boys with us.

So exciting that Rumble came out to support the March of Dimes, he made Lyndon's day!

We love how our shirts turned out. The back has our last name and the number 2, since there are 2 SOONer Boys, then also the stats of my 2 little guys.

Thank you March of Dimes for all you do so that One Day All Babies will be Born Healthy!!

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