Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Home Denton

yes yes I know I'm 2+ weeks behind in this post...but for journals sake and also to share with you how the day went.

After our rooming in night we knew that Denton would not be coming home over the weekend, but we had strong word to plan for his homecoming to be on the next Monday, April 4. And sure enough it was. As I'm sure you can imagine none of this went as planned as to having our second child, including our last days with big brother before little brother came home. Yes we had nearly six weeks to plan and spend time as we would want, but let's be real those 6 weeks weren't normal. So our last weekend with Lyndon alone at home was pretty busy to say the least. But we got the house cleaned (thank you sweet Jeffery for having a lady come clean our house real good from top to bottom. This was actually a couple weeks before), I cleaned the carpets, our dog Rowdy got bathed, base put in the car and then some special meals out with Lyndon.

We weren't sure what time he would be released on Monday. So I took the morning slow and had some last extra special times with Lyndon (geez makes my eyes cry now). Once we got around I took him over to my mom's and went to the hospital. We knew Denton was coming home on a heart monitor. Before that could happen we had to be educated on the monitor and to feel comfortable using it. I called the hospital on my way there just to get an idea and they said the monitor man was coming just after noon to meet with us and that we would need to do 2 feedings on the monitor before going home. So I spread the word to the troops (Jeffery and my mom) that our plan was to have Lyndon up at the hospital when Denton came out of the NICU and for us all to ride home together. So after talking to the nurse we were thinking probably not until around 6, and for Lyndon to go ahead and take a nap.

I get up to the hospital and I had so many many emotions. But not as many as I had the night before. On Sunday evening I wanted Jeffery and I both to go up there and be together for his last night feeding, so Norman (Pope') came and stayed with Lyndon. I tell ya I cried the entire way there (a 2o minute drive), walking in, and even more walking into the NICU. Poor Jeffery wasn't sure why I was crying. To be honest me either. But really I did. It was just so emotional. We had been taking that route/path for so long and it was actually coming to an end. I just couldn't believe it. (geez still tears) Just lots of emotions that for some reason I still can't even put into words here. Crazy. But it was a good night there with him and just telling him that tomorrow he gets to go home. That was also his last hospital weigh in...and he weighed in at 5lbs even.

So back to Monday. I got up there, packed his stuff up, got in a feeding and just waited for the monitor man, and Jeffery to get there. Well silly Jeffery didn't end up making it there for our tutorial of the monitor. No pressure, all of that on my hands. Just kidding it was fine. Pretty easy stuff yet enough to make me nervous too. So once that was all done I suspected I had to wait until 2 for the next feeding, then also 5 before going home. Our sweet and precious nurse (Sandi) came in and asked if I felt comfortable with it and said "you wanna go home?"!!! Well heck yes. The nurse practiononer came in, looked him over and told us good job and good luck and said we could go. YEA!!! So I got the call to my mom, "don't put Lyndon down and head this way." And they did. We continued to pack up (we got some serious freebies, ok not freebies we paid for it all didn't we), put him in his going home outfit, took some pics, got big brothers present out and ready to be given to him from his new little brother and waited for big brother to get there.

Lyndon wore this same outfit when he came home

Then it was time, it was really really time. We walked out of the NICU WITH our little boy and came all together as a family of 4.

Look at the face on this sweet sweet boy.

Due to the changes in the times we'd get to leave neither Jeffery or I had lunch. By the time we left it was 3 o'clock. So once we left the hospital before getting home our little family of 4 made a pit stop to the drive thru of none other than Bueno. That will always be a funny memory to me.

Lyndon's new buddy in the backseat with him. I have 2 kiddos now..WEIRD!!

At last we are home. It was such a precious precious moment as Lyndon got to hold his baby brother for the first time. He was so gentle and even gave him a kiss on his head without being prompted. My heart is flowing over and over and over with Joy.


I am one blessed girl. Yes this was not how I wanted to have my boys, but I am trusting and standing on the words of the Lord, Isaiah 55:8 "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts," says the LORD. "And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine."


Melodie said...

loved seeing the pictures and reading more of the details.

Natalie said...

I am crying now tooo friend! I am so glad we got to be a small part of your journey!

Laci said...

TEARS! I love your pics and listening to you tell the story just brings tears to my eyes. What sweet little boys you have. Love the pics of Lyndon with his baby brother. so sweet! I'm happy Denton is home and you can finally do your own thing! I remember when we finally brought Betsy home it was weird going in and picking her up and walking around with her without asking permission. haha. So happy for you all.

Cindy said...

ACK! Tearing up just reading this. What an amazingly blessed mama you are. 2 kids!! Can you believe it?

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I'm so glad that he is doing so much better, even since you have written this. I haven't had a preemie baby but I was one, in the hospital for about 2 months "back in the day"...thankfully technology has come a LONG way since thankful both your boys are healthy and growing!