Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surprise, my boys got to meet

As the weeks were passing, actually as March came and went, the thing I was struggling the most with was that our family of 4 wasn't together. Every thing in me knew that it hadn't been complete yet, and it was getting really hard on this momma. Our lives were being lived separately with our two sons. Lyndon had a new baby brother and he hadn't met him yet. We'd go eat at a restaurant, or go to the park, whatever it may be, and I just felt and knew something was missing. I wasn't pregnant and yet I didn't have my new baby with us either. So that's my poor me, lower moments I was having. I just could not wait for Lyndon to get to meet Denton. Well that day come sooner than we thought and as a total surprise. On Saturday morning, April 2, after our rooming in night, Jeffery left me at the hospital with Denton so he could take Lyndon to breakfast. Later in the afternoon they came up to the hospital and Jeffery and I took turns staying with Lyndon in the lobby. We had done this on a few Saturdays before while we were out and about so we could go and see Denton but also to show Lyndon were momma and daddy were going so often. Well I was the one sitting with Lyndon in the lobby while Jeffery was in with Denton. Then to my very big surprise Jeffery comes out the door with the video camera in hand and says "come on, come in and bring Lyndon." I was shocked. I asked a few half questions while stuttering on my words. Some how or another, I'm still not real sure how it happened, Dr. Pickens knew Lyndon was out there and said it would be fine if he came in and met Denton real quick. Jeffery and Denton had been in the normal area of the NICU but they told him to go back to the rooming in room for Lyndon to come in. Oh my gosh, my stomach was in a knot, I was holding back my tears and yet anxious too, ALL at the same time. So here we are really quick preparing Lyndon for meeting his little brother. As we got into the room Jeffery took Lyndon into the bathroom immediately to wash his hands. The whole time Lyndon is asking, in the sweetest, most curios voice, "where's brother, where's brother?" Finally his sweet little hands were clean and then the time came...they met (as I am crying as I type this)...

OH MY GOODNESS, look at him holding his hand. He asked how come Denton doesn't have a pillow...isn't that so sweet and cute.

This was a short meeting, but oh oh oh so perfect. Thank you God, and Dr. Pickens, for giving us this special treat. My boys have met now!!

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Jenn said...

Happy for you guys. Those pictures are priceless. Glad your boys got to finally meet each other! Miss you sweet friend.