Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rooming in...

or our first over night with Denton. We knew our time at the NICU was close to coming to an end. Denton was gaining weight, his episodes had basically come to an end (with the exception of a few here and there) and the big one he was taking all of his feedings from a bottle or breast feeding. Which taking the feedings for a full 24 hours is one of the final steps to go home. Denton had been doing this. The doctors chose to keep him a few days longer since he was still young (gestation wise) and to watch him a few more days after he had been off his caffeine to make sure the episodes were going to stay gone. We were prepared that most likely Denton would come home on an apnea monitor, to be cautious of the episodes. Again since he was born so young, and still so young, and newly free of episodes they wanted us to room-in over night with him. Which we wanted to do any way, just to make sure we were comfortable. We didn't do this with Lyndon. He was episode free for enough previous days, didn't go home on a monitor and we spent so much time there we were pretty comfortable as well as the doctors comfortable with us. On Friday night, April 1 we spent the night up at the hospital. The purpose is for the parents to do all the feedings and all of the care without the help of the nurses, but still having them close by if you need them. This was our first time to spend this much time with our new little boy. Also our first time, Denton being 5 1/2 weeks old, to do the night feedings. I know I know I know it's hard work feeding newborns in the middle of the night, but please don't take it for granted... So, we had been told it was not very comfortable arrangements that they had in there, that the bed was small. That was an understatement...we thought it was a small, uncomfortable pull out sofa bed. NOPE!!! It was just a small couch that didn't fold out.

I was honestly worried, there was going to be no way we would get ANY sleep. So I went out and asked the receptionist if we had it right, that it didn't fold out any bigger? She said yes that's it, oh but would you like an extra cot? WELL YES!!!! Phew, she saved the night.

We actually did get some rest and it was a really good night with our little Denton. He did have some episodes but we knew how to handle it. YEA for one step closer to coming home to us.

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