Saturday, April 9, 2011

Denton's 1st roommate

Believe it or not we have had many blessings on this NICU journey with Denton. Just one of them was meeting the sweet White family. One of the biggest blessing of meeting and now being friends with the White's is that I got sit holding my little Denton, behind our little curtain in his little room of the NICU and pray for this family before I had even seen them, knew their names or met them. Denton and I were behind the curtain as Mason, the White baby boy, was admitted. I sat there and prayed for Mason's little body, his lungs, his heart and his brain. I prayed for his momma and daddy. Geez it was breaking my heart knowing there was a momma down another hall without her baby and her husband, because daddy was down with the baby. I knew, I knew what she was going through. If you sit in the NICU long enough you hear a lot of information on many different babies but you will rarely know who they are talking about. The whole HIPPA rule. The doctors and nurses say baby "last name" when talking about them. So back to the White's. Since I could hear what was going on, I could tell that what was being said was about this new baby. I learned that the momma was insulin diabetic. I then began praying for her health and body. In the next few days we had seen these parents in passing but hadn't had the chance to meet them. Nearly a week after Mason was born I finally got to meet the momma, Natalie, at the elevator. And what a joy it has been to have her and her husband Bryan and Mason around. Once you walk this NICU road, you have an instant bond. Not only was Mason a miracle to be born to soon, the life of his momma was a miracle too. In the NICU there are some babies who have bunk mates, roommates. Lyndon never had one, and for most of our stay Denton didn't either. One Sunday evening when Jeffery and I were there for the 9pm feeding he says in passing, "I wonder why we haven't had a roommate." I told him to hush so that we won't get one. Selfishly, it was just nice to not have to share the already small space. Low and behold I got up the next morning and I find out we've been moved to another room and I just had a feeling we were moved in with another baby. YEPP!! Sure enough. I blame Jeffery. BUT what a blessing it was with Mason and his parents. We learned that other than twins, once babies have roommates they're close to going home. We were more than glad to be up close and personal, and believe me us mommas had to get close and personal, with this family. We thank God for the health of baby Mason and Mrs. Natalie, and thank him also for our new friends. Now we really look forward to our boys being able to meet outside the hospital!!! Soon, real soon!!

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