Saturday, March 12, 2011

Momma to two sweet boys!!

Here we are, I am officially a momma of two, we're a family of 4...just a little sooner than we'd thought. Little Denton was due on May 7 and joined our family on February 23, at 29 weeks. Which is ok, God has a plan for us and is already proving to us he has a plan. We thought we'd give just a little update of what happened, and how everyone is doing now.

Back up to a week before Denton was born. I began having mild contractions in the evenings starting Tuesday a week before he was born. But I would be perfectly fine by the morning and all day long, until the evening again. Due to it going away after rest we wondered if this was just apart of a second pregnancy and having a 2 year old. We even took a small trip to Dallas that weekend. Looking back we're terrified at the thought of what could have happened. But so glad we got to have special time with special friends. I even got to make this.

Sunday night the pain started a little sooner and was a little more intense. Nothing major but just noticeable. So we called and got my next appointment and ultrasound bumped up from Thursday to Tuesday (2/22). The day of the appointments is the first day that I did wake up and the contractions had continued. We had ultrasound in the morning and it showed that my cervix had thinned some in the last 6 weeks and baby was up next to my cervix. This made us nervous, but when they called my doctor she didn't want to see me any sooner than the scheduled 3 o'clock appt. But to be honest I was still nervous. Mostly nervous about getting put on bedrest and how that would effect my last few months with just Lyndon. So what did we do?...we went and had an ice cream date, then a special little picnic lunch on the living room floor.

My heart of hearts was preparing for bedrest, and my emotions kept the tears coming. So off to the 3 o'clock appt. The first words out of my doctors mouth was "well piddle". She wasn't alarmed yet, gave me a shot that knocked the contractions right out, put me on new meds to keep contractions away and placed me on just a very light bedrest at home (just stay off my feet). Well I was contracting again by 8pm that night and we were back at the hospital by 4 am. Then after every med possible and much fluids running through me our little guy just couldn't be stopped and at 29 weeks he was born at 1:32pm weighing 3lbs 4 oz and 16.25in long.

So we are now 5 days old (written on 2/28)and can I just tell ya our little guy is so strong. He's totally off oxygen and breathing on his own. This is a true miracle from our God above with how early he was. His body is tiny but so strong. Just like his big brother he is working and fighting really hard each day. We do have a long journey ahead of us, but we are totally and completely trusting in God to walk with us through it, and he already is.

If I may I'm going to give our prayer requests:
first and foremost for Denton's little body to stay free of infection and to continue to develop and stay protected, for precious big brother Lyndon as he's going through a MAJOR transition with all of this- we pray his heart will always feel a peace and comfort and know he's loved so much and for whatever he can understand that he would, for our schedule and balance of our time in our days ahead, and for Jeffery and I as momma and daddy to communicate well to each and to rest and for our hearts to have peace and comfort too, then also for all of the nurses and doctors who are taking care of our baby.


Laci and Tony said...

He is a beautiful little boy!! Congrats on your little miracle and I most certainly will keep your family in my prayers. Denton already sounds like he is doing an amazing job. Stay strong momma! God is good and he will prove his might!

icenhower-family said...

Wow...I am so sorry to hear that you had an early delivery, but glad to hear how well Denton is doing! Garrett's due date was May 3 and he was born on Janurary 23. Please know that we are praying for you, your little man, and your family! Also, let us know if we can do anything to help by answering questions or offering any advice!!