Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blood Transfusion

Denton finally got a blood transfusion. I finally because we talked about it for 2 weeks. At first the idea of a transfusion scared us, we thought it meant something was really bad with Denton. As with all the information on this journey once we got the details we understood better. We were told that a baby of his age, it would be more surprising for him to go home without receiving at least one transfusion. Basically his red blood cell count got to low, and the red blood cells is what carries oxygen to the body. Although our bodies make new red blood cells it was such a hard job for his little body to make new ones. This most likely was resulting in him having more episodes, dropping of the heart rate and not breathing at times. He became a little pale and became anemic. All most likely resulting in the low red blood cell count. They told us that getting the transfusion would help him not have to use energy to get a higher count. So Jeffery got the privilege of donating his blood to give to Denton. This was a special thing for him to do. So he did that, then they kept and kept putting it off. Talk about moments of truly having to trust in the Doctors and God's hand on them. They were telling us that he just wasn't low enough, or wasn't having enough episodes and that they were hoping he would be able to rebuild his count on his own. It got frustrating. But finally on Sunday, March 27 (Denton was 4 1/2 weeks old and 34 weeks gestation) he got is daddy's blood.

Here he is receiving his daddy's blood. It looks worse than it is.

We were relieved and really looking forward to the improvement it would make. And it did just that. It first decreased his episodes to one a day for a day, and now he hasn't had any since Monday. Praise the Lord, huge answer to prayer. Also, as of yesterday he is off of his caffeine. He was getting his very own coke two times a day. That was to help keep his heart rate up since it was dropping. But praise the Lord he's doing that on his own now too!!! We are certainly on our last leg of this NICU journey and we can't be anymore ready. He's so strong, healthy and a growing boy. He is officially weighing in at 4.13 lbs!! Can you believe it?!?! We most likely will be taking home a 5 lb baby. Lyndon came home weighing 4.1lbs. Thank you dearly for all your prayers and love you've given to us all.


VickeyBanks said...

Precious. Just precious. Only...I'm thinking that Jeffrey's blood will make him ornerier! Of course, that might be just what Denton needs to bust out of the NICU! A little orneriness never hurt anyone :o)
Love you guys!

DeBrady said...

Denton looks great!! I remember when Mason had to have a blood transfusion...I was SO worried. Unfortunately, they did not tell us that he needed it until a few hours before, so I was not able to give my blood. That was very upsetting...I am so glad that Jeffrey was able to do that! It makes all the difference and that energy and pink color comes back quickly! I am so glad he is doing well and hope that he gets to come home soon. Still praying for you guys!


Laci said...

He looks great and I am so glad to hear he is doing better. Your family continues to be in our prayers. When Betsy was in the NICU Tony also donated his blood and we were so blessed that of all the times she had transfusions, they were all Tony's blood. We like to joke that she made such great progress because now she, like her daddy, has OU blood in her veins. Haha!
Hoping your little bundle gets to come home very soon!

Cindy said...

Sweet Daysha, what a precious lil guy you have there! I'm SO glad to hear that he's doing so well and growing just like he should. Praise the Lord for so many answered prayers! Love you tons!