Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big milestone week

We have had a major week of milestones. As of today, Denton is 33 weeks gestation and 3 1/2 weeks old. Let's back up for our week long timeline:

Sunday March 13: as of late evening that night sweet baby got to put clothes on for the first time. It was at the 9pm feeding and I was the only one there for it. His very first outfit was his big brother's very first outfit too. Who's who?!
it's Denton, Lyndon, Denton
Daddy did get to see him in it the next day. What this meant, not just first clothes, but that they believe he was ready to hold his own body temperature. The isolate, incubator type bed controls his body temp. If he gets low it would go up, or too hot it would cool down. Holding own body temp is a must to go home. So they start by slowing turning down the temp of the bed to eventually off. He not only was in clothes but also stayed swaddled. He did great and the bed temp slowly went down.
Thursday March 17: not for any important reason, Denton and his entire pod of baby friends got moved to another pod. I asked if this was a step up or anything. Basically it was just for making room for new babies in the other pod, but the nurse did say if he weren't stable they would not have moved him. So good deal. When I was there and began taking his temp and change his diaper the nurse noticed they forgot to turn his bed warmer back on. Thing is, praise the Lord he is strong and healthy and did great. But that could have been bad. BUT he did great. We checked his temp and he had done very good. So this day they opened the top of his bed and kept the warmer off. If he could hold his temp for 24 hours they would move him to an open big boy bed....
Friday March 18: .... And he did just that. At the 3o'clock feeding we got him all moved!! So big.
Friday was a REALLY BIG day for him. Rarely do either of us make it to the 9 am feeding time. We've decided to try and keep breakfast normal with Lyndon. This morning I just decided to ask Jeffery what his morning looked like, and it was flexible enough for me to run up there. Once there the nurse practitioner decides since he's doing so well let's change his feeding tube from out of his mouth into intestine to his nose to tummy and let's try bottle feeding, and asked if I wanted to try nursing first!!! What!?!? He's a day shy of 33 weeks and we were prepared to not start this until 34-35 weeks. Then here came the tears. My nurse was like this is a good thing. I told her I know it is, I know it's huge, I just can't believe it. And he's doing great. Jeffery's given him the bottle the past 2 nights (he only gets 1 bottle a day, can try and nurse 1 time a day, and the rest through his tube), and he takes more than half of it. 1 whole ounce is in the bottle and who took 1/2
As of Saturday night at 9 pm he is 4.09 lbs!!!!
Denton isn't the only one who's had a big week of milestones. Check out Lyndon's big accomplishments!!!



We ask that the prayers please continue and to also join us in praising God for all He has done.
"God is so good" and "How Great is our God"


McCain Family said...

Daysha, this is so great. I'm so glad his temperature is staying right and he moved to a big boy bed. And the nursing part? So awesome. I'm so happy for you.
Also, I LOVE those videos of Lyndon, especially the bouncy ball one. SO CUTE!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

So glad for all these baby steps of improvement. God is good!
Prayed for you this morning.

Rebecca (DeGeyter)

Anonymous said...

Look at these boys.....sweet, sweet!
God is faithful....He is completing all He has you, Daysha, in you, Jeff, & in these boys.


Cara said...

YAY YAY YAY Denton!!! Such a hard worker and strong boy!! So love BOTH these posts....and excited for the big, big fun ahead for the Behymer Boys!

Love you all!

Melodie said...

Denton looks so BIG, until I see the pictures of Jeff holding him. :) And look at Lyndon on a big boy bike! I still can't get Holden to pedal his tricycle!