Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Boy in Big Boy undies

I have to share with my little blog world how proud we are of our sweet big brother Lyndon. We had decided that we would basically wait until real close to his 3rd birthday to potty train him, which Denton was due 2 weeks before he turned 3. That method was what we had heard the most success stories. Also knowing there was a good chance of regression once baby was home, that just made since to us. Also I just wanted to do it on his time, and have little to no tears and frustration. So that was the plan. We had a little Valentine's Day party and one of the little friends was potty trained, so that day Lyndon went on the potty 2 times. Then we had some neighbor friends over for the Super Bowl, and the little friend was potty trained and that night Lyndon went 3 times. I thought he may be ready, so let's try this. We had some big boy undies that my mom had bought him for Christmas, I had bought a little potty seat, and that night I made his cute little potty chart all ready to start the fun Monday morning. Away we went, setting the timer every 15 minutes...and long story short here we are over a month later, his life has been rocked and he's been staying with a lot of other people while we take care of Denton at the hospital, and he's done FABULOUS!!! He will even tell us when he has to poopoo on the potty too. We still put him in a diaper/pull up at night and nap time. But other than that he's basically potty trained. We are so incredibly proud of this little boy. I truly believe it was all God's plan, even potty training. I felt like he was ready, and I still think he was and that's why even through the craziness right now he's still doing good. PHEW!!!

His new potty stool I got to make with my friend Melodie!!

Way to go sweet Lyndon, you've gone great in your Big Boy Undies!!!