Sunday, January 16, 2011

Someone got a big boy bed!!

Lyndon has officially been in a big boy bed now for 2 weeks!! YEA!!! It was actually a quick transition for us. We have been discussing it, telling Lyndon this was going to be the big boy room, and planning to do it just after the new year. The week before Christmas we spent most days at my parents house. So nap time would roll around, and since we were planning to move him soon I thought what the heck let's try it here and now. So he took 2 naps there in my nephews twin size bed. The first day it took him 1 1/2 hour of singing, talking and just rolling around before he finally went to sleep. He never asked to get up, just kept singing. The next day it only took 20 minutes to fall asleep. And both naps were at least 2 hours long, he did great!! Then came our Colorado trip. We had decided this would be our big week of trying out a big bed. A. I didn't want to pack and take up luggage space with a pack-n-play. B. I just had in mind this would be a good way to transition. I was prepared that if it turned into a nightmare we'd go and buy a cheap pack-n-play and just donate it to the house where we stay. It went wonderfully!! We'd put him in our bed for his naps. We'd sometimes lie down with him for a minute or so, but for the most part tell him goodnight and be on our way. One day he did get up before falling asleep and knocked a small lamp over on his way to go lie in the suitcase. But other than that it was great. At night we'd put him down in our bed, then once we came to bed we'd carry him to his little "special" bed I had made for him in the closet. I knew without a doubt I would get NO rest with him in the bed with us. He slept in every morning still. In fact, with us still in the room he'd stay in the closet and just talk and kick until we came and got him.

At home we hadn't officially switched his room over. We were putting him in the guest room, taking out the queen size bed and putting in a twin size, but leaving most of it the same since it was mostly decorated OU already. But the beds had not been switched yet, nor his clothes or toys. So on our way home I asked Jeffery what do we do, do we back track a small step and put him in his crib until the room is ready or just go for it. He suggested going for it and I knew that was best too. So off he went to the big boy room. Which I was a little sad that his last night in his crib wasn't made into a big deal since it wasn't really thought about. Oh well.

He did great the first night in the queen size bed, and even slept until 9 o'clock the next morning.
The next day I just had to get the room finished, everything moved over. If it was going to be his room then I wanted it to be his room fully. So I ran and got his sheets and bedspread I was wanting, moved clothes and toys over, switched out the bed and hung his Lyndon sign!!!! It's officially his room!!!
Knock on wood or whatever but as of now he has not gotten out of bed once before falling asleep and he calls out to us every morning for us to come in his room before he gets out of bed.

We decided to not put any temporary rails up with hopes that he will learn to stay up against the wall or the middle. In the 2 weeks he's fallen out 3 times, so we feel that's pretty good. If there is any kink in this transition (which I don't consider it a kink) is that he is getting up around 30-45 mins earlier most mornings. He was such a later sleeper so I'm really not complaining.

I wanted to take the queen size out and use the twin for 2 reasons. First reason was I wanted more floor space for him to be able to play on, and second is because this bed is a heirloom. Lyndon is the 4th generation to sleep in this bed. His daddy did, his Pope' did and also his great grandfather did. Isn't that so special. The dresser in the room is a piece with the bed as well.
Lyndon whether I like it or not you are growing into a little boy. I am so proud of you. You have done so good in your big boy bed!!

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Was just thinking about you...Hope you're doing/feeling well. Miss you sweet friend!