Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Decked Halls

As usual I'm behind in blogging. Oh well...
One of our family Christmas traditions it to buy a new ornament each year. I plan to buy a new one for each child that represents the past year and then give that child all of their ornaments when they get married. I also buy an ornament that represents our year as a family, or something I just like too.

For Lyndon's ornament this year I was on the hunt for a motorcycle, a bulldozer or a digger. Those 3 things have been favorites to see this year. I found this pretty Santa riding on a motorcycle and loved it.

The plan is to do one each year. But Lyndon had an exciting event this summer that I wanted to represent, his first time to the ocean and beach. So I found this simple but cute one as well.
As for our family ornament I really only wanted something that represented that it the was only the 3 of us this year. For the obvious reason, of baby boy #2 coming, I have many thoughts about how this is the last (put in event or day) as just the 3 of us. So I decided on this one that gave the year and our names.
We went on vacation to Colorado with the Behymer's the week after Christmas. All on his own, Jeffery went to a Christmas decor store and found an ornament that is just as perfect. Unfortunately it's already packed away and I got ZERO pictures of it. But I"ll try to describe it. He really did so good. It's 3 little snowmen sitting on a wooden fence, each with a little sign around their neck. He had each of our names written on one of the signs and 2010 written on the fence. But also, hanging on the fence was a little wooden sign and he had them write "baby boy" on it. I love it.

Along with these traditional ornaments that I'll give to my kids one day and the ones I'll cherish forever as they represent each year, I also LOVE the handmade ones. This is one Lyndon made at church. I cherish it already.

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