Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving tradition

The first Thanksgiving we had Lyndon we couldn't pass up the day without being so thankful for the NICU that took great care of him. So we've made it our family tradition to adopt the nurses at the NICU, especially the ones who were away from their families on Thanksgiving. We do nothing extravagant, but we take a tray of goodies for them to enjoy.
Mostly we want them to know how much they're appreciated and thought about. It's been true every year while I bake and prepare it all my heart and mind goes back to the days that they played a huge role in caring for my baby. The days when me as his momma couldn't be the one to care for him. It's also been pretty emotional the day of as well, but good emotion. And this year was no exception. I was real excited, we even got to see the neonatologist, Dr. Cho, along with some sweet nurses.
We hope and believe it does their hearts well to see a strong and healthy little guy that while in their hands was so small and fragile. Without a doubt they are not forgotten or taken for granted and we hope we are successful in assuring them of that.


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Laci and Tony said...

What a special group indeed! We loved all these doctors and nurses also. So thoughtful to think of them at Thanksgiving! I am sure they all love that. We usually take goodies up there for Christmas and also around August to celebrate Betsy's birthday. Holidays are a great time to remember the people who took such great care of our little babies!