Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scarecrow Halloween

GOODNESS I'm a bad bad blogger...

I feel like I've been real lucky to find the cutest and cheapest little costumes for our cute little Lyndon. His first one I basically made and the 2nd was from a thrift store. The costume he wore this year I found at a consignment sale LAST YEAR!!! It was 2T so I snagged that baby up for a total of $6. And it was precious let me tell ya. I had at least 2 people asked me if I made the costume. Are you kidding me?! But that's how cute it was...or is that how terrible it looked, lol? No I know it was cute.
Our first outing as the not so scary scarecrow was to go visit Jeffery's grandpa, who lives in a retirement village place (sorry I just drew a blank on what to call it.) We hoped to bring a few smiles and I think that's just what Lyndon did.

Our next stop was trick or treating at the Yukon High School. Students line the halls and pass out candy, you then end up in the gym where there is a carnival of games. It's been lots of fun every year.

see this cute little face, I literally had to crawl in to get him out...

Next was our Sunday School party, called the Holy Ghost Weenie Roast!!! A sweet sweet family in our class puts this on every year (past 3 or 4 yrs now). It's loads of fun with games, moon bounce, exotic animals, clowns, sack races and of course food. This year Lyndon even won the costume contest in his age group. I told ya he was a cutie!!!

Halloween night was a big OU football game(and a late one too) so Lyndon and I told daddy to go and have fun. After the SS party we decided to go trick or treating at my parents house. But along with trick or treating I wanted to see what kind of fun my dad was having. As we drove up we saw his garage with sheets hanging inside, blacked out with only a red light hanging in the middle, smoke coming out, spider webs all over and a man sitting in the middle with a jason mask on and holding a chain saw. THAT'S MY DAD!!!!

I will let you know right off that he did not scare any little ones. His joy comes from scaring the big kids. Which they get many of. My mom was standing near by letting him know if any little ones were around. If not...believe me there he went. He'd start the chain saw and chase the big kids down the street!!!! Any who, my mom and I took Lyndon to a few houses. Then we went back to man the haunted house. Lyndon at the very first wasn't sure of the man behind the mask, until we strongly assured him "it was just pawpaw." And that's exactly what he would tell the kids (big or little) as they'd walk up and be unsure if the man in the garage was real or not. He'd say, "that's just paw paw, you have to come over to hear to get your candy." Needless to say it was a fun night!!!!

whoops as you can tell some pics are HUGE!!! I am so sorry. But I'm to lazy to fix them this time...sorry.

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McCain Family said...

He's definitely a cute scarecrow. You guys had a jam packed Halloween. I'm glad he had fun. Your dad is awesome! I can totally see him running around with a chain saw. haha!
Love you!