Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jeffery's the Dirty 30...still

It's only been 6 months since Jeffery turned 30, but we just celebrated again with his gift. You may recall for his present I wanted something memorable. So I bought him 1o laps driving a race car and then 5 laps with the professional driver. This took place at Texas Speedway in Dallas. He got to drive a Z06 corvette. I know nothing about cars, but I guess this is a fast one. He sat through a 45 min training session, which he said was very helpful, then off he went. I could tell he was getting real excited. With the number of drivers they had that day he actually got to be the only one on the course during his drive. I was worried that would be a discouragement for him, but he said he preferred it. From what I could tell he drove really fast and did great! Then it was time to ride with the pros. Let me tell ya, you could tell the difference from the moment they took off. When he got out of the car that time that was the smile I was hoping for. Any who, here's my 30 year old professional race car driver.

ready to go

That's daddy in his car, I love this shot of Lyndon watching

Happy Birthday (again) babe. I'm glad you had fun, but more that you are safe.

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