Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall crafts

Those who know me, really know me, it's no secret I am just not a crafty nor creative girl. I leave all of that to my creative husband. But I am really trying to pull some tricks from my sleeve (or the internet and my friend Melodie) with raising this little guy of mine. As summer went and left us and we were forced to be in doors more I've really been wanting to amp up the creativity and craftiness with Lyndon. What perfect timing than Fall crafts. So here are Lyndon's 2010 Fall Crafts!!! his first time to play with glue

we collected leaves and made a piece of art for Grandpa Behymer

and my personal favorite, Lyndon's pine cone turkeys

Not necessarily a Fall craft, but my mom's birthday is in November so Lyndon "baked" for the first time. He was a wonderful help with the mixers, during and after.

daddy said good thing he has his football jersey on since he's baking

first time to lick the mixers

I think it was a hit



Melodie said...

cute cute cute!

Cara said...

That cake is cute. I love the turkey pic with his sucker...cute boy!