Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great State Fair of Oklahoma

The fair here in OK has come and gone. I do love the fair. It just may come from the fact that in a past life of mine, oh about 8 years ago, I WAS A CARNY!!!! You read it correctly, I was one of them, a carny. One of those people who work at the fair that you aren't sure whether to be afraid of them or the say a prayer for them. Although I may be leading you down a wrong path, I wasn't one of the carnival carny people. I worked in one of the food booths, yummy cheese on a stick and you're all jealous aren't you?!?!? I friend of mine who I was also working for at the time worked there every year and asked if I wanted to. We could work as little or as often as we wanted and got paid cash every night. WHOOP WHOOP!!! And being a girl who loves the fair WHY WOULDN'T I? It was fun. So there's a new tid bit about Daysha that most probably don't know.

Now to the fun part, pictures of Lyndon at the fair. Lyndon and I had the privilege to go twice his year. Loads of fun. Our first trip was with our friends the Boyce's. Let me tell ya, that little momma friend of mine is super momma, she had 3 kiddos in toe and they all (4 including mine) did great. I didn't take as many pictures on our first trip, but I did get some cute ones of Lyndon being a farmer for the day.

We were then lucky enough to get to go a second time. I know you're jealous right?!? We just love it. Nanny, aka my mom, treated Lyndon and I to go one day along with her and Boo, aka my nephew. Even though Lyndon wasn't feeling well we still had a wonderful time!!

Nanny and Lyndon were royalty at the fair

now tell me this face doesn't say "I LOVE THE FAIR"

Notice in either trip to fair no Jeffery, and he isn't complaining. Hopefully I'm creating another carny in the heart of my little one. Thank you Oklahoma for having the Great State Fair!!!

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