Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beach Vacation

YES!!!!! We got to take a family vacation to the beach this year. In so many many ways did we, ok mainly Jeffery and I, but we all needed it. We waited until late summer hoping to get some better deals, it was the last week in September. 5 years ago Jeffery and I went to Palm Beach, FL to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary. We loved it so much that's where we decided to go this year. Lyndon flew with us on a short trip to Chicago when he was 5 months old. Other than then this was his first time to fly and most definitely his first time to see the ocean and beach. I personally just could not wait. Man I think I'm supposed to live on the beach. I LOVE IT!!! We wanted to have every moment we could in FL. To do that we looked for early flights out there, so we'd still have that late afternoon and evening there. Then we looked for later flights out, so we could have the morning and some afternoon there. Well can I just tell ya we were successful with that, ESPECIALLY on our flight out. We left OKC at 5:30 am, 5:30 folks. We woke up at 3:15 ish and got Lyndon up at 4 AM and put him in the car and left. CRAZY!!!

5:30 AM

But can I tell ya my little guy is such a trooper. Not only was it butt crack early in the morning but he actually was still sick, on the mend. He did wonderful. He didn't even go back to sleep until around 11:30 that morning on our second leg of flights.

Sweet boy. And yes we were in Palm Beach by 1 that afternoon. Good times good times. Our main thing for the week was to relax, get some sun, enjoy the ocean and beach, eat out a lot and make tons of wonderful memories. We did just that. Most of us slept in, not I!!! Darn me, oh well. Since we knew I would be the one to rise the earliest and knowing Lyndon would go to bed before we would (although he'd still go down between 11 and 12 each night) we gave Lyndon his very own special room.

Don't hate!!! He loved it!!!

Off to the beach we go. I hope you enjoy my memories!!!

Day 2 we got some beach toys. Lyndon really could have done without the ocean. The first two days we were there a tropical storm was blowing in. So it was windy and tons of big waves. I think the noise of them kind scared him. But playing in the sand was a hit.

Luckily our hotel had a continental breakfast, and a good one at that. Lyndon was so cute, every morning we'd go down (usually while we let daddy sleep in even longer) and he'd go to the same table every time. He won the heart of the sweet lady who worked the breakfast. I'd get him his milk first, then off to make our belgian waffles. Once ready Lyndon would dip his pieces into syrup AND blueberry yogurt.

Like I said, it was a wonderful vacation. We absolutely loved having the time with our sweet boy. Even after being stuck on the airplane, on the tarmac (however it's spelled) for 2 1/2 hours on our way out, I think we can, will and do say it was a Perfect Family Vacation!!!
Thanks babe for taking us.


Melodie said...

cute. loved seeing the pictures.

Inclusive Resorts said...

did he sleep in the bathroom? i had fun reading... you're kid is cute