Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd Annual Girls Trip...

but technically my first. Two of my closest friends from high school decided it's time we begin taking an annual girls trip. Last year being the first year but I didn't participate. Boy let me tell ya it was not a good one to miss. My sweet friends Cara and Jenn started out the BIG apple. Neither Jeffery or I have ever been so I decided to miss out with the girls to save a trip with Jeffery...hush all the boo's. But this year I wasn't missing it. Our official trip planner, Cara, looked for places where we could drive yet it was also a place fun to visit. So the winner was Albuquerque, NM and attending the Balloon Fiesta. We invited a few other friends to come as well (still wish you could have come), and also my bff-college roommate lives in Alb. Yippee loads of fun with friends for me. So we 3 girls met up in Altus and headed West from there. I have to say that the drive down on Thursday night, being that it got late on us and we got the giggles, is one of my favorite memories from the whole trip.

Even including our fancy dinner stop, whatever town we were in.

We got to our hotel at about 11:30 that night, NM time so 12:30 for us, and we practically got in the room and immediately crashed. Party animals aren't we?! It gets even better. The next morning we were all awake by 6:30am NM time, 7:30 our time, but we were all being so kind and didn't want to wake the others, whom we thought were asleep. Little to find out we were all 3 lying there awake. After a nice continental breakfast, showers and getting ready we headed out to this really fun outdoor shopping mall. Being from a different time zone we even got there before the stores opened. We spent the morning there, taking our time and just strolling from store to store. Then my sweet college roommate met up with us to have lunch. Good day. Then we got to spend the evening living it up like children at heart. We went down where the hot air balloons are and got to see many be inflated and participated in the glow. It was so cool. I think the 3 of us were fine with not going down there, not knowing really what it was. Luckily our tour guides, Jenn's aunt and cousin, insisted we go. I called Jeffery while down there and said this is a MUST for us to come to with kiddos. Here are a few pics, yet they still just don't do it any justice.

The next morning as we each woke up we psstt'ed at each other to see if anyone else was awake...and of course we all were. One thing that's popular at the Balloon Fiesta is to go down to the ascend of all the balloons. Sounds really neat, but they say you have to get down there around 5:30am, so we opted out of that. Although we were all up before 6:30, lol. Since we were all awake, we literally jumped in the car in our pj's, after brushing our teeth of course, and headed towards where the balloons ascended. We figured we'd be able to find a coffee shop or donut shop to sit at and watch them fly over. Better yet once we got about a couples miles away we saw many cars pulled over on the side of the road and watching from their cars. That's exactly what we did. We even got asked by this man if we were pro's of the fiesta and do this every year. Little did he know we were first timers who where merely following the crowd. Again, we were like children in a candy store. It was the neatest thing. They were literally flying directly over us, and there were so many. Just another thing to make the morning perfect was our breakfast of choice, that just happened to already be in the car...flat coke, no bake cookies, trail mix and puff corn!! Good times.

So we headed back and had a real breakfast and got ready for the day, more shopping. We decided to try out Old Town and it was so fun. Tons of fun jewelry, any kind of t-shirt you'd want and a great restaurant.

Then we got to top off the evening with yet one more dinner, and Nestle Toll house dessert with my friend Meg.

We even had more kicks on Rt. 66 with some fun photo ops on our way home.

Girls, what a great tradition. I am looking forward to more!!!

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Cara said...

I love this post :) I stole some of your pictures so I can frame them! SOOO EXCITED FOR 2011!!! Already thinking of good places :)