Thursday, September 9, 2010

YEA the ice cream truck

Who doesn't immediately recognize the sound of the ice cream truck when it's anywhere close to them? Everyone right!!! Who doesn't just love the ice cream truck? Everyone right!!!! Actually it spooks my husband out. He wonders why "all" (since he's seen them all) of the drivers have to be creepy looking men who seem to be on the prey for small children. Ok when you put it that way it can freak me out too, but none the less I do love the ice cream truck. And I think it's official Lyndon now does too!!! As I said most can, he can hear it blocks away and knows exactly what it is. In his precious little voice he says "iiicreeeam truuuck!"

I would love to have documented his first ice cream truck experience, but this isn't it. Lucky for his Nanny and Pawpaw (and actually Momo too) got to be the first to enjoy that moment with him. But this is the second experience and first on camera!!

Now on to the fun part, the aftermath of the ice cream, ok we got a popsicle.

the ice cream truck is such a summer icon, oddly Lyndon is having his treat on the weekend to bring summer to a close, Labor Day weekend.
Now tell me, aren't you all jealous you missed out on this with us?!!! Believe me we wish all our friends were here with us to enjoy it too!!!

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McCain Family said...

I love his face! So fun!