Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just another fun day at the park

Last week the weather was cooler here, highs in the low 90's and high 80's. Remember, I am a Summer time girl. But I am ready for the 100's to be gone, the days of literally just stepping outside and you're sweating see ya. But I don't want it to get cold, I don't I don't. I know most are lovers of Fall. Like I said I enjoy it went it cools off "some". But the only thing Fall says to me is cold is right around the corner. That's the way it happens here in Oklahoma. One day at 3pm it will be a beautiful nice 85 degrees then by 8pm the bottom drops out to 50 degrees. Listen, I'm not exaggerating. So that's why it's hard for me to totally enjoy Fall, like most. But I do take advantage of the cooler days. So off to the park we went. And can I tell ya, I was one smart momma that day. First let me fill you in on a little something, Lyndon just recently (to be exact the weekend of our anniversary trip) began to enjoy playing in the sand. His nanny and pawpaw helped with this. At one point we thought the little guy may NEVER get his hands dirty. But just as I figured all in due time. So this morning I thought to throw his dump truck and sand bucket and shovel in the car. And what a fun time he had!!!

Look closely at this pic, I love his face here

Then some good playground fun!

kisses for momma

swinging like a big boy!

Fall you are welcome to stay, just don't bring the cold until the week of Christmas...PLEASE!!!

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