Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun times at lunch

Lyndon and I have a pretty basic lunch usually. If it's not leftovers then it's usually some sort of sandwich. Ok with the exception of a quesadilla or a bean burrito. So I guess we do have a variety but still pretty basic. Lyndon really does enjoy most kinds of sandwiches. Here are the ones he usually has: peanut butter and honey, grilled cheese and then a lunch meat, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich. I really enjoy following Muffin Tin Mondays blog. So far Lyndon is a good eater so I haven't had to try and make it fun so he'd eat it. But the other day I thought it was time to make it fun. Once I came across the muffin tin blog I bought some cookie cutters. Get this, I got a box of 100 cutters for $10. At Wal-Mart folks. So check out Lyndon's first of many fun lunches!!!!

In honor of OU football season beginning,

we have a football helmet sandwich an a football slice of cheese!!!

On this day I asked him what he wanted his sandwich to look like, and he said a basketball.

It looks like one right?! And we had basketball grapes and tomatoes, along with talking about circles!!

Then we had dino sandwiches.

Thank you maker of cookie cutters. You have made our lunches a little more fun!!

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