Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meaningful gifts

I have to admit sentimental gifts can sucker me in and they have for almost all of the 6 years Jeffery and I have been married. Every year for our anniversary I try to follow either the modern or traditional gift for that year. There's been I think 2 years I haven't done that. Some things are more difficult than others to do. For 6 years the materials are wood and iron. I have also learned a little in these 6 years that Jeffery really doesn't care as much as I do...ok that doesn't sound nice. Let's just say he isn't as sentimental as I when it comes to the gift. When I came across a wood idea I just loved it. My first thought was I'd go for it and give it to J as his gift. Then the lessons I've learned were ringing in my mind. So I decided to just make it "our" anniversary gift and I think that went over well. So here's our fun wood anniversary gift.

It's above our kitchen cabinets (hence the stuff sitting on boxes)

For the iron gift I thought of something that's kind of popular right now, stamping on silver. I got Jeffery something just for him, a small key chain with a silver (kind of iron right) disc on it and had "still chosen 8-6-2010" stamped on it. When we got married our little phrase was "I choose you". So through the years I've used "still chosen" on some things.

I'm pleased with them both. I love having celebration tokens that we'll have through the years to remind us of where we've come.

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Cara said...

I like the wooden sign! That turned out cute!