Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celebrating 6 years as a Mrs.

On August 6 Jeffery and I celebrated 6 years being married! I love to get away with Jeffery (not that I just love time away from Lyndon but I know the importance of mommy and daddy having their time together and I do love that time with Jeffery) and I love surprises. My husband knows me well and treated me to a weekend of just that!! I knew we were getting to go away for the weekend. I kept teasing Jeffery by saying to him "oh I just know you're taking me back to paradise where we went on our honeymoon", knowing darn well that was just not going to happen right now. He kept asking me "do you know what we're doing, where we're going." I had my guesses and definitely was wondering. So the night before we left he asked me what I thought we were doing, I told him my guess and I actually guessed some of it right. He did take pride in the fact I didn't guess everything. So Friday afternoon we dropped Lyndon off at the Behymer's (then the second night my parents got to enjoy him over night) and off we went to Dallas. We stayed in this lovely hotel that seems pretty fancy to me, the Omni Hotel in Las Colinas. We had a balcony, suite room...I just loved it. I'm a sucker for staying in hotels. Always have been. When I was a kid it was always so fun to stay in hotels, actually then it was motels. So back to our celebration weekend, we lounged a bit and then went to a nice dinner at a steak house, and went out for ice cream afterwards. We're pretty exciting aren't we...welp it's just right up our alleys.

It was all healthy and stuff, LOL. Home grown in Texas.


Once we got back to the "fancy" hotel, we noticed our bed was turned back...see fancy I tell ya. The hotel is on this little lake, river something or another, basically there is a really nice walk way along some water. So we decided it was a nice night to take a stroll, explore the property and the hotel. We came up to the workout room and decided to pump a little iron and burn off our ice cream calories...for a total of 10 minutes. It made for a great end to the evening!!

On Friday night I took some NyQuil with hopes I'd be able to sleep in really late on Saturday morning. I made it to 8:30, not to bad. I ate my wal-mart bought breakfast (something else we did Friday night was buy me breakfast at Walmart so I wouldn't have to pay for room service. Not Jeffery's call, my cheap self call), sat out on the balcony and looked at facebook. About 10 oclock I woke Jeffery up and said "the pool and the sun are calling my name, are you coming?" So off to the pool we went. I LOVED IT!!! I love the sun, I love the pool and I love just being able to float and relax in the pool. PERFECT!!! Later at lunch time we decided to be frugal again (reminder: wal mart breakfast instead of room service) and not order something from the hotel. Although it was tempting, remember it was a fancy hotel and they would have delivered it out to us at the pool. I liked the idea of that, but went for Jeffery going to get Subway instead. We enjoyed our sandwiches, got showered and ready for the day and off to shopping we went at Grapevine Mills mall. See Saturday night was the part of the weekend I didn't know what we were doing, it was still a surprise.

So once we did a little retail celebrating we headed to downtown Ft. Worth for more celebrating. I, and I think Jeffery too, hadn't ever been to downtown Ft. Worth. It was such a neat place. In a way it kind of felt like a downsized downtown Chicago. There were lots of people there, walking around and a lot going on. But it didn't seem to be just the big corporate buildings. Tons of shopping, restaurants, bands playing outside. It was really neat. So once we get down there Jeffery tells me to be looking for a restaurant called Billy Miner's...looking looking looking and there it is I found it. It looked like a happening fun place. We parked and headed our way over there, go in where there are tons of people and low and behold who do we friend Melody McGarrah!!!! She and her husband "just" happen to be eating there at the exact same time...Surprise!!!! My sweet, dear friend who moved away from us to the DFW area and Jeffery arranged for us to meet up with them for dinner. It was such a good time with great hamburgers and really tasty fries!

Dang the girl who took this, ok that isn't nice I know...but come on!

Yet my surprises kept coming, we walked literally right across the street and went to my very first comedy club. Melodie has told me about this place, Four Day Weekend, and how she and Jeremy love to go there. Boy was it a treat. It's an improv club and it was so much fun. Then to top it off, they over sold the show, and we ended up sitting on the stairs...BUT we got our money back!! Whoop whoop. You know this cheap girl loves that. But the show was well worth the price of the ticket too. And of course loved seeing my friend.

Thank you Jeffery and friends, I had a blast!!!

Then what better way to end the night than with more ice cream!!!

Sunday morning I left J in bed as I headed down to the pool to catch a few last rays!! Loved it. Then we headed out of our pretty hotel to do some final retail celebration at the Allen Outlet mall. While there my friend Cara met up with us. I guess we got to wrapped up in shopping that I didn't get a picture but we did enjoy a tasty caramel apple with some other yummies from the Chocolate factory. Then we headed North to go get our little guy. It was a good get away but the time came where we just couldn't see his face soon enough.

Sunday lunch!!

Thanks babe for spoiling me!! Happy 6th Anniversary.


Melodie said...

after all this time, you still can't spell my freaking name! :) glad you had a good anniversary weekend. i think you were on the silly side when you wrote this post . . . just a guess.

amber@SAHM's musings said...

Happy Anniversary Daysha & Jeff! Daysha you are too cute for words!