Monday, July 19, 2010

An official Carnie!!

Drum roll please...Lyndon is an official carnie and I can't be happier!!! Ok, maybe there are things in life that make me happier, but this was loads of fun for me. One of our 4th of July traditions is going to the Bethany parade. It started out so good this year. The firetrucks opened the parade which of course we love. Lyndon just kept waving to them.

THEN...came the rain, no the down pour. That really stunk. Made me sad. That made our day much different that we'd like to celebrate the 4th. But later on that evening the rain passed and we got to go and enjoy the carnival. This was the first year Lyndon would be big enough to ride the rides. He was so brave, did so good and had a great time.

His first adventure was the carousel. He's been on a carousel before at other places, but it was still fun and exciting.

Next were the motorcycles. First off, Lyndon loves to see motorcycles drive by. So this was really exciting for him. This was the first official ride all by himself (with another little on). He did so good, held on the entire time and just grinned.

Off to the dragons. We were prepared for this one to go down hill. It went real slow but it went up and down a little bit. At the time Lyndon was getting on there was no one else, which meant no other kiddo to ride with him. But again he was so brave and did so well. The look on his face wasn't as excited looking as the motorcycles, but once he would make it back around to see our faces he was good to go. I think it was a winner.

Then the grand finale...back to the motorcycles. He was more confident this time and was basically so brave he didn't even need to look at his momma and daddy every time around. So brave.

Way to go big boy. You not only made this momma proud but it was just joy to my heart. I loved having my own little out there riding the rides. It was a great introduction to the carnivals!!!

We finished off our 2010 4th of July with a 2 sets of great fireworks. Again Lyndon was brave, did great staying up way past bedtimes and Loved them!!


Melodie said...

much braver than my little guy. they are getting so big!

McCain Family said...

Daysh, he is so cute! Seriously, such a stud!
Way to be brave, Lyndon. He did good! I'm glad you had such a good time :)

Cara said...

These are fun pictures! LOL...I love his little face so much! Kisses from Aunt Bea...

Cindy said...

Man, he is such a good lookin lil dude. that hair is so handsome! He's growing up too fast. Can ya tell him to slow down a bit?