Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer playdates

We are lovers of Summer and sun and swimming!!! Ok maybe I know I for sure am and I'm dragging Lyndon along for the ride. We had the privilege to have some really fun play dates lately, involving all of the above.
Our first one was special because it was with 3 girls from my high school who I don't see regularly. They so kindly invited Lyndon and I to the Mustang Aquatic Center and it was lots of fun. Jeffery and I took Lyndon there once last year, of course he was a bit small. This year I think will be great. He was a little timid at first. The big water falls are loud and so many people. But he really did great and loved the water. I didn't get any pictures in the water but here are the sweet kiddos before we left.

(Kamden, Lyndon, Parker, McKinley and Hesston was still swimming)

We've also started our play group back up at my friend
Raylee's house. Although we missed 2 sets of families this week we still had a really great time. They have a rectangle kiddie pool that is deeper than ours, although they didn't have it filled very deep. Lyndon loved playing with the buckets and throwing the balls to make splashes. He also experienced a slip n slide for the first time. So fun. I was so proud of him. He'd run and slip onto his bottom and be excited to do it again. Again no pictures of the kiddos playing but always fun to enjoy a popsicle after playing in the water.

(Aaron, Lindy Kate, Emery and Lyndon, the big boys are at the table)

Then we had my friend
Amber and her kiddos over to play at our house. Kate and Colin were lots of fun and it was a great day. Lyndon hasn't been the biggest fan of playing in sprinklers. But as Amber said a little peer pressure can be good. He loved playing with the big boy Colin.

This is all just another reminder of how thankful I am to be home with my little guy. So many memories are being made. Thank you God for giving us this opportunity and thank you Jeffery for working so hard for us. And we Still TOTALLY miss our friends out of town!!!


Melodie said...

cute. i see you are attempting to go without a swim diaper? nice. looks like lyndon is trying to be mister sexy in that last picture with his shorts falling off and nothing underneath. made me laugh. :)

McCain Family said...

So fun! Yea for summer!!

Cindy said...

holy cow Lyndon's getting big! what a precious lil thing. LOVE the swingset!

everyday graces said...

Hee! We had a fun fun time :-) Let's do it again.