Friday, May 28, 2010

Jeffery's the Dirty 30

I married a younger man. Ok only by 9 months, but still younger. This year Jeffery left his 20's and entered into his 30's. I wanted to make this birthday special for him for 3 reasons: A. I do love him and want to make him feel special, B. it's a big birthday and C. he's commented more than once now that his birthday is 5 days before Lyndon's his will now and forever be forgotten about. Don't you all feel sorry for him!!! In the past I've done a couple different surprise parties. I didn't do a surprise this year because I thought he'd probably suspect it since it was a big one, and honestly it's just to much trouble to be sneaky. So I planned a fun bash here at our house with his closest friends. Jeffery was celebrated a lot this year. His first celebration of his 30's was a surprise. His parents were going to be out of town on his birthday but they still wanted to celebrate him. So they arranged a surprise family birthday party (including my family) at their house on May 8th. It was a great time with everyone.

On his actual Birthday we dined at Salt Grass Steakhouse, his choice. And the best part of that night...getting our entire meal for free. We happened to be seated after a huge party, like 40 people. Which in turn it took some time for our food to come out. Although it really didn't seem so bad, but it was about an hour wait once we ordered. So they covered the entire meal. I love it when that happens!!

Then finally his big Dirty 30 bash!! It was seriously so much fun. Can I tell you how many adults and children we had here. Some where in the range of 25 adults and 23 ish children....AHHH. But you know I do love it, makes my heart happy. When I was planning this I planned a cookout in the backyard since I was expecting such a large crowd. The weather that day/evening was so beautiful. But it had rained the past few days so the backyard was very muddy. So we cleared out the garage, brought all of the outside toys in there and into the front yard. It worked out great. I remind you, that was a ton of kiddos playing near the street, but the dads did a great job manning the road. I really wanted to make Jeffery feel special, I hope I was successful at it.

here's my dad saving my rear. We grilled burgers and dogs for everyone and I didn't want Jeffery to have to do that at his party, so I was going to do it. Well I'm no griller that's for sure. My grill was flaming, I lost patties in the grill, we would have been there until midnight waiting on me. He saved my hide.

Not only did I want to celebrate him big but I also wanted to get something so called big, special, out of the norm for his gift. I think I may have scored on this one. I bought him a certificate to drive a race car. Like for real race car, at very fast speeds. He will go through a quick training and he'll have a professional driver with him but he gets to put the pedal to the medal. I then paid a little extra for him to get 5 more laps with the pro driving. Which of course will be even faster. I hope he likes it and I hope I don't have a heart attack.

Happy Birthday babe!!!


Krista said...

Good job, Daysha! And happy birthday to Jeff! I bet her loved all the effort you put into making him feel celebrated!

McCain Family said...

Holy cow what a cool gift! I would have a heart attack for sure! :) You did a great job celebrating. You are so fun!

Love ya!