Monday, May 31, 2010

I have a 2 year old!!!!

Call me crazy, call me nuts, but I just still can not believe that I, Daysha, have my very own two year old son. And such a sugar of one at that. Well it actually did come. Lyndon did turn 2. I have to admit, once I did start planning his birthday party I really did enjoy it. Lyndon has really enjoyed sports lately. If you recall for Christmas we got him a basketball goal that he has just loved. He loves watching basketball and football on tv...'bout the only thing his mean ole momma lets him watch. And now of course baseball, he has really enjoyed watching his two boy cousins play. So it made perfect sense that we'd have a little sports themed party. But before the party on May 22, was his actual birthday, on Tuesday the 18th.
Lyndon woke up to a birthday sign, balloons and a new baseball, baseball bat and a tee in the front yard from his Nanny and Pawpaw. Of course he loved them!!

Last year on his actual first birthday Jeffery and I took him to the zoo for his very first trip. So I thought it would be a fun tradition taking him to the zoo on this actual birthday if his party isn't on that day. I assumed Jeffery would have to work so I invited Grammie, Jeffery's mom, to come. She hadn't had the chance to come with us yet. Then Jeffery just couldn't stand not being apart of Lyndon's day so he took the day off. I was thrilled about. It was a wonderful day at the zoo. Not being real hot yet many of the animals were out. It was a great day.

We took this same pic last year, but this year we're 2 (see fingers)

Worn slick from the zoo!!!

And finally party day. I have decided that I really want to make my kiddos birthday cakes. I have a friend who made a half of a golf ball cake once. So I thought I would attempt making a baseball cake. I think it turned out pretty well.

Let me tell ya, we are so blessed having our families lives close. I think we take that for granted at times. But this day I was blessed to have them all here. And then not to mention precious friends. We are so thankful for those who celebrated with us. OF COURSE Very sad and missed the one's who couldn't. But we also COMPLETELY understand. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! We put out all the sports toys and other outside toys and let the kiddos just run and play. It was a wonderful day full of memories!

Even Lyndon's friend Mark came to celebrate

Some quick stats on our little guy: at his 2 year appt he weighed in at 24 lbs and 15 oz...dang it we're calling it 25lbs (10-20%) and 34 in. (50-75%). Literally in the past month, if not 3 weeks his language has picked up. It is truly amazing to watch or listen I guess as this little baby turned into such a big boy. Quick side note praise story: at our 2 year appt. our pediatrician was so proud of Lyndon and how perfectly healthy and developmentally right on he is. She said before she saw his weight on his chart she had planned to come in and tell us to stay on whole milk, assuming he'd be low on his weight. But nope, even at 10-20% she was proud and pleased and said be heart healthy and move on to 2%. God has truly blessed us with this little fella. We are smitten beyond what words can express.

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Melodie said...

sad to have missed the big day. be delighted to finally see the update! happy 2 years lyndon!