Monday, May 31, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving

This year for Lyndon's 2nd birthday I really wanted to get him a swing set. So we looked around to see what we would want and to see what we could afford. We asked both sets of grandparents if they would want to and be willing to go in on it and that would be their gift. They all were so kind and giving and did that. I am thrilled, simply thrilled with what we got and how it looks and so excited for the fun times ahead.
Much much praise needs to be given to my husband, my dad and my father in law. Those men worked their tales off, in the heat. I am so grateful.

Here the boys are whistling while they work. This is approximately 5 hours into the job.

And the beautiful finished product, 13 1/2 hours (ok 95% done, we lack the glider swing)!!! Isn't it great!!! I think Lyndon is loved.

I think he loves it!!

Thank you so much Pawpaw and Nanny, Pope' and Grammie and Daddy!!!

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Todd and Rebecca said...

That's a nice one. Those things are A LOT of work to put up. Looks like he loves it!