Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wonderful Easter Celebrations

What a joyful time Easter is. We first and foremost love to celebrate Easter because it truly is the reason why we worship Jesus. Jesus is Risen, He is alive. Along with celebrating Jesus, this time of year welcomes the wonderful season of Spring. My favorite season of them all. The sunshine joins us again which I welcome with many open arms. Flowers bloom, although for a short window that does bring misery for me with allergies, but OH WELL!! The colors are all bright and beautiful. I simply love it!!! Having a little one around brings even more fun during these times. Lyndon and I were invited by a friend to come dye Easter eggs. We were so excited and offered to bring cookies to decorate. It was such a fun time.
We just knew they'd be amazed at the color change of dying the eggs. I don't know if it was age, gender or what, but Lyndon just wasn't to amused and didn't last to long. But still lots of fun.

Then came time to decorate our yummy sugar cookies. That seemed to be a little more fun for the little guy. Especially when you can decorate with one hand and eat one a cookie in the other!!!

Then of course Easter Day. Our Jesus is alive and it's such a blessing to get to worship a risen Savior!

After church we spent the day with the Behymer family. It was a BEAUTIFUL day full of sunshine. I even got sunburned on my shoulders. For those who know me well you know that's always exciting. The kids were so much fun. Lyndon did great on his Easter egg hunt. It was just a great time.

We then got to conclude our Easter with my parents. It was a beautiful evening to play outside and ride tricycles. Lyndon then played in water puddles with Pawpaw and pawpaw finished the night with a great fire in the outdoor pit.

Who could ask for more. We are truly blessed all around!!!

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Melodie said...

love the pic of lyndon in the front yard. looks like he has a CRAZY mullet. like you spike the top and all for easter sunday. :) i know, it's just that crazy oklahoma wind. happy easter!