Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun first in the inflatables

Lyndon was invited to celebrate a friend who was turning 1 this past weekend. We all received an "Admit One" ticket to the Carnival. It was a fun and exciting party. Lyndon passed on the hot dogs and the cake, but did choose to experience a huge inflatable slide and bounce house for the first time. I think I enjoyed watching him smile, giggle and have fun just as much as he enjoyed playing. Although this little guy is growing into a little boy right before my eyes, I'm beginning to accept it and know that the days ahead are even more fun!!
Enjoy the smiles and joy on the "boyS faces!!"

Daddy had fun on the slide too

Loads of fun with this fella!!!

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McCain Family said...

"Those faces" are pretty darn awesome. I have to say, Jeff looks like he is having more fun than anyone :)haha Although Lyndon is doing a pretty good job, too!

Lyndon is a doll. Love it!