Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Story time

Lyndon experienced another first, due to old man winter still sticking around. I've had intentions this whole winter to go to story time at the local library, for a couple reason. First, and most obvious reason is to get out of the house. But second I want Lyndon to have more interaction with other children. He gets to play with friends at church twice a week, but a third reason to go to story time is to meet "new" friends. But I would always seem to think about it lying in bed before I fell asleep. Then of course it would have completely left my mind by the next morning. Until last Tuesday I remembered while at the breakfast table. So I looked on the website and story time for Lyndon's age group was the next day from 10:30 to 11. Great, note to self DO NOT FORGET Daysha. So Wednesday rolled around and we made it. And it was a great time. They, of course, listened as Mrs. Carla read a few different books. They sang songs that had hand gestures, even the hokey pokey. Mrs. Carla told a story using the felt board and felt figures. They have this huge rug on the floor with a sunshine, clouds, numbers and the alphabet on it. They then played a color game of "if you have this color on stand up." It was lots of fun. I sat there thinking goodness he's so big now. Although we are one of the youngest ones there. The age group is 19 months to 3 years. Most are 2 and over. We then got to go a second time. My child was so comfortable and not shy that he thought it would be fun to run out of the room and giggle all the way down one of the library isles. Geez. So, I guess we have a fourth reason to go to story time, so he can learn there are times to sit down and be quiet, lol. But still he did a great job. One of my favorite parts is watching him stand in line at the and wait patiently for his sticker!!!

making friends

sweet boy waiting patiently

and so proud of his sticker!!

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