Thursday, March 4, 2010

First day at the park for 2010

The sun is out, the temperature is above 50 (actually near 60) and Lyndon and I got to enjoy it. These few nice days we've had Lyndon hasn't been able to enjoy them much. Since the warmest times right now are during his nap time. Well this momma was proactive today. We had bible study this morning, and since I knew it was going to be nice I packed us a lunch for afterwards. After bible study we headed over to a small neighborhood park near by and we had it all to ourselves. First we had our lunch at the picnic table.

Then Lyndon was able to show his momma how big and brave he his. He climbed all over this playset, up the ladder and down the slide he went. He did so well and had lots of fun.

Spring and Summer we welcome you any day!!!


Julie said...

Hooray for a day at the park. The weather was perfect for playing outside today. I'm glad you had fun!

Melodie said...

Cute, cute!

McCain Family said...

That last picture is pretty classic. Hooray for nice weather! More please!

Love ya!