Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lyndon's first time sledding

Boy did we ever get a white Christmas this year. Since we weren't effected by it we loved it. It was so beautiful to see. So much more fun when you have a little guy to go out and play in it with. Lyndon saw snow for the first time last year (the week after Christmas) when all of the Behymer's went to Colorado. But being only 7 months old he didn't get to enjoy it. Not this time. We bundled us all up and went to play. We felt like and walked like human marshmallows. Lyndon wasn't sure at first but by the end he was literally asking for "more/again". My parents drove over to enjoy the memory and Pawpaw helped push the sled. Let the pictures tell the story of how much fun we all had.

one small face plant

Personally I do not like cold weather, EXCEPT during Christmas time. I've always said I could skip winter except for the week of Christmas. Bingo!! I've also always thought if it's going to be cold I want snow, not ice, snow. Bingo!!! Great times and great memories!!! Maybe next year Lyndon will be ready for bigger slopes.


Melodie said...

goodness that's alot of snow. looks like he had some fun.

Krista said...

So cute!!! I was just telling Scott that I hope we have lots of snow next year, so Sienna can go sledding! Like you guys, we got a TON this year.

McCain Family said...

That snow looks great!

I love the picture of the face plant. Poor guy! but I'm sure he had fun!