Thursday, January 7, 2010

Celebrating Christmas

I have been anxiously awaiting Christmas morning with our little 18 month old. Jeffery and I really enjoyed deciding what to buy Lyndon for Christmas this year. So we had planned to begin celebrating Christmas by continuing with Jeffery's family tradition of attending the candlelight service at our church. We now have 2 services,6pm and 11pm and we planned to attend both. The social family that we are we wanted to see everyone that we could. Well Oklahoma's Winter Blizzard 2009 blew in and the services were cancelled. First time in 40 + years. To be honest we were bummed at first. Jeffery was singing and I was real excited about that. But all in all we totally understood why. So even more reason for me to corner Jeffery and force him to watch my ALL time favorite Christmas movie. It's call "Santa Clause the movie", but not the one with Tim Allen. This one is from the '80's. I LOVE IT!!! While I enjoyed my movie with the fire on, Jeffery enjoyed playing with Lyndon's toy from Santa (pic below). Christmas morning arrived with the sweet sounds of our little guy waking up. His big present from santa was in the living room unwrapped. I went and got him out of bed and had to sneak him by the living room so we could get the camera set up. He came in with his daddy and saw his new basketball goal next to the tree. He immediately said "buhboo", translation basketball, and went right to it.

It was such a hit he wasn't to interested in opening anything else. Everyone had said he'd love the paper and boxes. Nope just loved his buhboo. So we opened two of his other gifts for him: a fun puzzle of vehicles that makes sounds when the pieces come off, and a tunnel to crawl through. But his final present we were pretty confident he would really love too. So we convinced him to open the gift and to rip the paper off. And finally he saw what it was...and Loved it too.

He immediately took off and pushed it in circles around the kitchen and through the living room. We considered it a great success.

I would have to say I won the jackpot with my gifts from Jeffery. He really spoiled me this year. We did stockings first, which are usually your typical stocking stuffers: candy, itunes card, undies, socks, chapstick. Well this year I had a new camera in mine. I LOVE IT!! Ours unfortunately had been dropped a few times and was in great shape and wonderful for us but just a little contrary at times. Jeffery said he knows I love to take pics and have good pics so he wanted me to be able to do so better. Then I got a pretty sweater. And get this, he got me new tennis shoes. I'm not sure why he thought I needed news ones. That ones I have I've only had since COLLEGE!!! Good job Jeffery. Then my favorite thing. I got a beautiful new peacoat...that's YELLOW!! It's so pretty and I just love it. Thanks Love!! And Jeffery got tickets to see John Mayer.

Then we trekked through the snow and got to celebrate Christmas with the Behymer's. Although Jonathan and family had further to go and it took much longer they made it safely. It was a great day with everyone.

Then the day after Christmas we got to celebrate with my family. It's always loads of fun with them. With Aubrey and Daylen getting older, their gifts are older too. It's so weird. But such fun. Jeffery and I think we finally scored on the gift for my parents. We made a calender for them with pictures of the grandkids. It was a hit!!!

It was a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so blessed with the families the Lord has given me. Merry Christmas everyone.


McCain Family said...

Hooray for a great Christmas! And that coat is awesome! Good job, Jeff:)

Little Lyndon is a sweetie. He is so cute! Wat fun times!

Melodie said...

somehow we haven't discussed this. but holden's nana and poppa j bought him a very similar basketball goal. how fun for our next visit! they can have their first scrimmage. :)

Cara said...

I really love the coat. I also really, really love the last picture...Christmas morning happiness :)