Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2nd haircut

We just can't keep the mullet away. Bless out sweet boy's heart, the part of his hair that is growing the fastest is the back. So we headed to get his second haircut. A little history for you, other than when I have shaved Jeffery's head he's only had 1 person his entire life cut his hair, his uncle Steve. So we've thought it would be fun to continue that little tradition with Lyndon. I know some could wonder why we don't cut it ourselves. Well I'm to much of a scaredy cat. Scared of hurting my son and also of totally screwing up his golden locks. His first haircut we did such spur of the moment one evening that Uncle Steve wasn't available. So for this second one we got on his books. Bless Uncle Steve's heart. Lyndon could have given him a complex. With not a single tear shed at the first one, he began crying once placed in the chair at Steve's (even with crackers in hand). Although the tears didn't last long, he still wasn't going to smile or show signs that he was enjoying this. All in all at the end we got a little guy who looked even more handsome than before, and a little older too. Thanks Uncle Steve!

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Cindy said...

ohmygoodness he is so adorable - even when he's crying!