Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lyndon's new play spot

Lyndon has really enjoyed playing peek-a-boo lately. He'll smoosh his face into a wall and peek an eye out and in his little squeaky voice say "poo poo"...in Lyndon talk peek-a-boo. It's been really fun to play and do with him. Along with peek-a-boo he really enjoys playing hide and seek. Although not played the traditional way. He likes to take us with him to his hiding spot, hide, then jump out at us. A hot hiding spot usually being in our closet behind the clothes. But recently he and I have found a new hiding spot. He really likes to play in this location while I'm cooking dinner and he is continuously asking for dada. So without further ado, the newest hiding place...

1 comment:

McCain Family said...

I love this kid! He really is such a cutie, Daysh. But you already know that!

Thanks for calling yesterday. That was fun.

Love ya!