Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Filled with Thanksgiving, Tom the Turkey and "the Bug"

Thanksgiving has come and left us already. I feel like it flew by. But it was a good one. I got the privilege to have Thanksgiving at my house this year. I have looked forward to doing this since we moved here and the time came. I made most of the spread...rest assured not the turkey though. My mom so kindly made that for us. Including our sweet Lyndon we had 9 people attending. Not a surprise, Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I started preparing on...Monday. Still a newbie at this. But not only preparing for actual Thanksgiving day, we have plenty to be thankful for.

Beginning last year we want to let my OB how truly thankful we are for all she did for me and Lyndon during my pregnancy, so we baked and prepared some goodies to take to her. It's always so good to see her.

(mr. serious here)

Then baking for the NICU. Last year we started a tradition for our family, adopting the nurses at Lyndon's NICU. We absolutely can not pass the day of Thanksgiving up without remembering them and ALL they did for our family. Also, they're all away from their families on this great day. So it's the very least we can do to honor them and show how much they are appreciated for all they do for those little babies and the parents of each one. So more baking for them was fun to do as well.

Yes I did have my table set for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, I credit that to my mamaw, just being prepared, lol. I'm so fancy as you can tell.

We spent Thanksgiving evening with all of the Behymer's and I took 2 dishes that I prepared and froze before hand. I was getting pretty proud of myself. So when Thanksgiving morning arrived all I had left to prepare was my dressing and mashed potatoes and throw the green bean casserole (which turned out not so good) and sweet potato casserole in the oven, bake my bought pie and ta dahh we were ready. My family all arrived and most everything was eaten, so I'd say it was hit. It was a beautiful day outside. Although we were missing a few people we'd love to have there, it was a great day... Except for the bug our little Lyndon was getting at the time. Bless his heart, his first real Thanksgiving to get to eat some great grub...nope didn't happen. Thankfully he was happy and able to play. We did find out it was a stomach virus but we are doing much better and hopefully gaining some lbs back!!!

Then to top off a great Thanksgiving weekend...OU Beat the snot out of OSU on a beautiful sunshiny Saturday!!!
And, the Behymer halls have officially been decked...pics to come.

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