Sunday, November 8, 2009

Future Football Player

Of course, Lyndon has been surrounded by OU football. But that's not the only football he loves. To be honest, this other football team he just may love more. This team is the Yukon Knights. You may ask why he would love this team...Well it's because the person who hung the moon in his eyes plays for the Knights. That person is my nephew, his cousin Daylen. We all call Daylen Boo, so I don't think Lyndon will ever know his real name. And boy does he ask about Boo 100 x's a day, with hands held out to the side wondering where "AAboo" is. So we have gotten to cheer Daylen on at most of his games. Lyndon even has his own Yukon Knights shirt with the number 99 on the back. Anytime football is on the t.v. Lyndon is yelling "Aaaboo" and clapping his hands. We all love how well Daylen has advanced in his sports and will one day be able to teach Lyndon. But more won't it be a sweet relationship for Daylen to be a role model for his little cousin Lyndon.

In addition to Daylen, Lyndon is so blessed to have another cousin apart of the great sport of football to cheer and clap for. His sweet cousin Aubby, who he loving calls "baboo" is a cheerleader for Altus Junior High. When we've gone to see her cheer he loves to clap his hands and yell her name so she knows he's there. She will also be such a wonderful role model for Lyndon to follow behind.


Cindy said...

wait, did Aubby move back to Altus?? I love these pictures. The one of the two boys with the back of their 99 jerseys is sooo precious!

McCain Family said...

What a cute kid. He is so lucky to be surrounded by good cousins!