Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beware of the Scary Dragon

I have been anxiously awaiting the beginning of the holiday season having my sweet little one. And of course it began with the oh so fun holiday Halloween. I for some time wanted Lyndon to be a silly goose or Goofy from disney because those two things are what he is. Definitely silly and goofy. But my mom found this precious dragon costume that is in perfect condition at...are you ready for this...the Goodwill store for $2!! What a heck of a deal. Once we put the costume on him we were sold, it was so cute. I wanted to take part in every halloween, trick or treat, fall festival activity I could find. So we started by trick or treating at Nanny's, my mom's work. She work in the cafeteria at a local high school. So it was fun even signing in at the office and all the ladies having to come out and see the cute dragon. Then he put smiles on the faces of my mom's co workers and walked away with a yummy chocolate chip cookie, which he LOVED. The next morning we had bible study at church so we went and trick or treated at Pope's office, my father in law. He got some sweet smiles and of course some good treats. That night we went to Yukon High School to go trick or treat in the halls there then play at the carnival. He was so comfortable in his costume and loved holding out his little sponge bob bucket that his Pawpaw found for him. Lyndon's high light of the night was the sucker that was so sticky. The next night we attended our Sunday School classes Holy Ghost Wienie Roast. It was a lot of fun, freezing but lots of fun. Thanks to our friends who hosted it, it was such a fun time. They have a fabulous backyard and play set. They really were the hostess with the mostest. Although we didn't win the costume contest it was a great night. Boy this has been very wordy and now on to the fun part...the dragon pictures!!!

such cute boys

the yummy sucker

I just love being a momma!!!

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McCain Family said...

He IS a scary little dragon! Nah, who am I kidding, he's not scary, he's adorable.

How fun!