Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I wish all of my friends lived on my street and all went to the same church and just did everything together. But just not so. I was fortunate to make some great friends during my days of working. I miss those girls dearly. So we planned an afternoon at the pumpkin patch with our friends Megan and Brecken and Cindy and Hayden. It was supposed to be the only sunny day of the week. The day began so beautiful with tons of sunshine. Of course since we all decided to go after morning naps wouldn't you know it went down hill. But we still had a good time. It was a little chilly, but we did have about 30 - 45 minutes without rain. The pumpkin patch we decided to go to was Chester's Party Barn. They have tons of animals there, hay ride, Lyndon's first pony ride and of course tons of pumpkins. So even though our time did get cut shorter than we had hoped it was still a fun time together with the girls (literally, Lyndon was the only little guy), and a great time chasing the goats. They had tons of baby goats just roaming around. I was buying our tickets at the booth and had put Lyndon down. And off he went chasing after the little goats. It was the cutest thing I had seen. So it was a good first trip to the pumpkin patch. We came home with 3 little pumpkins that have now joined our other porch decor to create our little family of 3. Hopefully in the next weeks to come we'll be able to enjoy it with daddy.

Mommy and Lyndon enjoying the hayride

Lyndon and the girls

He got so close he could even pet the little goat

A preview into Halloween

First pony ride, he was so brave

And of course the pumpkins. Lyndon and Brecken trying to decide

Sweet boy. We look forward to going again.


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Cindy said...

ah! you have pictures up! I'm way behind. These are so precious. I just adore Lyndon's costume.