Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Summer time has left us

Yes as many know Summer time is my FAVORITE time of the year. I just had one of the best summer's ever. Since Lyndon was able to play outside, go to the park, swim and all the fun stuff it was a blast, as many of my previous posts show. We spent lots of our summer activities with our friends Melodie and Holden. You have to take my word, we moms aren't the only sad ones. The boys are super sad it's come to an end...the proofs in the pudding.

wishing and hoping

Goodbye Summer until next year. We will miss you dearly. But we will welcome Fall with open arms, but Winter I just don't know. Well except for during Christmas time we'll open our arms again.


Melodie said...

that made me laugh. do love the pic of the boys. i didn't even realize lyndon was in the 2nd pic until i double clicked to view your cute fall decor. and then i saw this cute little boy sitting on your porch. i couldn't bribe holden with sugar-coated gum drops to sit that still for a picture.

Cara said...

Lyndon is sooo little in that picture next to that big scarecrow!!!! Cute cute!

McCain Family said...

I hear ya! Summer was a lot of fun this year, but now onto fall. I do love the fall, especially October! :) Love these pictures!

Banner said...

Awww..I hear you girl! Your sweet Lyndon is sooo, how he's growing...way to fast, huh?! Love the pics! Hugs!