Friday, August 28, 2009

Bye Bye Bye...Baby Mullet

We denyed it for awhile, then there was no longer any room for denying it, our sweet, precious, adorable baby boy was sporting a MULLET!!!! I kept it around for this long hoping it would fill in. I thought the shaggy boy hair would be so cute on him. Well it just wasn't meant to be. It was only shaggy in the back. We've been told Lyndon has a lot of resemblences of me, neither of us can really tell. One of the things he did inherit from his momma is his hair, so far. Although mine was even whiter, he's definitley light headed, and just not a ton of it so far. But one of the main things, and the negative, is that it has the tendancy to get matted. If you look at baby pictures of me, especially the Christmas morning pics, I had some maated blonde hair. So that was just another push for us to say bye bye to the baby mullet. We kind of pulled the crazy parent card for a bit. "Well who will do a good enough job, can we take him just anywhere?" Some even told me to just go ahead and cut myself. No not a good idea. For one he needed it to be really shaped in the back not just a bottom trim. But more importantly, I just don't trust myself. But finally we decided the Wal-Mart would be perfect and no time better than now. He did fairly well. It didn't help that we went an hour from bedtime. We had a sucker on hand, a book and "his" cell phone, and daddy resorted to the keys at one point to. He was a little wiggly but all in all he did great. And the girl did great to. She was wonderful with him and we're very pleased with the outcome. Even though it was just a small amount of hair, we feel like he looks so much different. See for yourself!!!



handsome result


Melodie said...

his blonde hair makes him look like bald-y in those pictures. which i DON'T consider him a bald-y. they're getting to be big boys!

McCain Family said...

bye bye baby mullet! I love that he is just sitting in the chair being a good boy with his sucker. The suckers can sure be life savers in some situations!
I love it!