Friday, August 21, 2009

The BIG 30!!!!!!!

The day has come...I turned the Big 30!! Honestly I haven't dreaded it, although the idea of it has been just weird to me. I'm still surprised that I'm married, a wife, nonetheless believing I'm a MOM!! So weird. I feel like just a girl who should be cheering. But it's all true, very true. I am a wife, a mom and 30. Can I tell ya though, I brought in the 30's as a princess. My dear dear husband...those of you who do know him know how onry but so much fun he can be. Well he created a day all about yours truly, ME!!

To begin, I was supposed to be babysitting on Thursday of my birthday but Jeffery made contact with my friend to make sure it would be ok that I didn't that day. So that night before my birthday he told me to be sure and get up and shower in the morning. He felt he needed to mention for me to shower because I tend to skip past that part of the day. He also told me I had a card sitting on the kitchen counter with details but I wasn't to open it until 9:15 the next morning, once I was showered and ready. The day arrived, and our usual 8:30 - 9:00 am sleeping decides to wake up at 7:15. So the normal routine for him began and then Jeffery reminded me to be ready by 9. I asked if I "really" had to shower since I had just the day before, LOL!!! I'm terrible I know. He said that was fine. But I was not to open the card until around 9:15. I was a good little girl and followed his instructions. To be completely honest I was so excited and REALLY anticipating what was inside. For those who don't know, Jeffery has a good history of doing birthdays, anniversaries, holidays up well. So once I opened the card it had a wad of cash inside it and the words read "Happy 30th Babe! Have a 'girls day out' with a friend on me. Make sure to relax, pamper yourself and grab a bite to eat for lunch. I love you babe! Today is all about you (triple underlined)! heart, Jeffery. Now wouldn't that excite any girl. By then my mind in running. What friend, will we have Lyndon, will someone keep Lyndon, who would that be, where are we going, etc etc? At 9:30 sweet Shelby arrived as the babysitter (see the previous post to read how great she is). The a few minutes later my sweet friend Melodie and Holden arrived. So fun!! Jeffery was so sweet to arrange child care to give us girls such a fun day. So Melodie and I hopped in the car and headed over to The Renaissance Day Spa for massages. Jeffery even thought through it and didn't want us to ride together then spend the next hour plus in separate rooms, so he scheduled us a friends massage in the same room. Very thoughtful. We enjoyed it so much that afterwards we continuing our relaxing and basically got booted out of the room. It was very nice.

Our next stop, off to get pedicures. Geesh what girl doesn't love those. Especially at the end of the summer. We even ended up getting the same color on our toes, ahhh.

And final for our "girls day out" we enjoyed a great lunch at Louie's. The best part of lunch just may have been the pickle-o's...mmm mmm fried pickles!!!

I am so grateful for my friend that took the time to make my day special. Becuase that is truly what it was, special. Thanks friend!!!

After a relaxing afternoon Jeffery came home and gave me my gift. I have to be honest, I did ask for it. I am so excited about to. It's an OU flag to put in our flower bed. I love it. Then we went to my birthday dinner with my family at Shogun's (again per my request). I love that place. So what if I only eat chicken and rice, it's the entertainment I love too. We had a lot of fun.

Jeffery really did a lot to make the day special. He's truly a great guy, onry and all. I'm still looking to forever with him.


Melodie said...

a fun day indeed! i especially love that our green shirts couldn't match any better. matchy matchy!

McCain Family said...

Hooray for a fun and RELAXING birthday! Good job, Jeff. What a good guy, even if he is a little onry:)
What a great day! You deserve it!

Love ya!

Cara said...

That is a fantastic day!!!!! Glad it was good!

Heather said...

Jeffery did good :)

Debbie said...

You snagged a great hubby in that Jeffery!!! Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a FUN filled day!!!

marisa and jimmy said...

oh daysha, what a fun way to bring in your 30th! love you friend