Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Answer to Prayer in form of Babysitter

As we all know how precious our little ones are. Well when it comes to having them be in someone else's care, that's a big one. Well we are so very blessed and fortunate to live in the same town/area as both sets of our grandparents. Amen. At one time when Jeffery was without a job for 10 months, before Lyndon, I had the thought well let's look outside OKC just so we can start on our own. Well that was a VERY short lived thought, thankfully.

One of our favorite ways to have a date is going to OU football games!!! Truly something we love and we're allowed that by having grandparents close.

So along with the OU games we've been on regular dates here and there throughout our first year with Lyndon thanks to our parents. They're usually very eager and biting at the bit to keep him any who. Thank you Nanny, Pawpaw and Grammie and Pope'!! We're forever grateful.

BUT!!! there does come a time when none of the are available, what to do what to do. Well, just one of the blessings that has come from serving in student ministry is you know who would and would not be great babysitters. Well we have a precious jewel. We have known this sweet girl since she was in the 7th grade and now she's about to move into OBU as a freshman. From the day we were engaged she was so excited for us to have a baby. So you can imagine the thrill when we were pregnant. Our sweet girl is Shelby Kaye and she has now kept Lyndon twice for us. We're are so thankful and blessed to have her. We have no worries with her and trust her so much. Lyndon loves her and is comfortable with her too. Thank you Shelby Kaye.

Thank you Lord for that answer to prayer.

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McCain Family said...

It is so nice to have family close by and good friends that are willing to help out.

Get out there and go on lots of dates!