Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summertime with friends

Lyndon got to have a playdate with some friends recently. We had lots of fun now that all kiddos are walking. It actually keeps us moms a little more busy. It was loads of fun, and ended even better, with popsicles!!! Taking the pictures of these little ones eating their treats my hearts was just overjoyed. I am so glad to be in the place I am, a mom. I have waited for moments like these for a long time. I am so blessed to be chosen to be a mom, espeicially to my precious little guy.

Enjoy these sweet sights!!!!


Cara said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE...I hate that I'm missing all the fun!!!! :)

And I love your new background!

Melodie said...

i still like that you color coordinated the pops with the suits. :)