Saturday, June 6, 2009

Walking for March of Dimes!!!

Jeffery and I took part this year in the March of Dimes March for Babies walk. We did some fundraising and had people sponsor our family for the walk. For those that aren't familiar the March of Dimes is an organization who's mission is that One Day All Babies will be Born Healthy. They support medical research to prevent premature babies and babies born with health defects . Of course since our sweet Lyndon we wanted to take part in all we can with the hope that no other babies have to be born early. The March of Dimes holds a very special place in our hearts. The March for Babies walk ws scheduled for May 2. But that day involved lightening, rain and a bit on the cold side for a day in May. So it was what we thought canceled at the time. Then we received the good news that it was rescheduled for June 6. Although there were quite a bit fewer people involved today, it was still a joy to be apart of. An option is that family teams can make shirts of any kind to represent their story. And boy is it a reminder of how blessed we are. We saw many shirts that had two dates on it for their babies, a birthdate and the day they passed away. GOSH!!! I have my sweet sweet joy in Lyndon to hug each day. So we want to do all we can so that noone has to so goodbye to any baby. Although the walk is now over we are still fundraising through December. If anyone is interested in supporting the March of Dimes so that One Day all Babies will be Born Healthy visit . Now go hug your babies!!!

Our first attempt at the March for Babies. We were ready for the inclement weather!!

Our family team at the attempted walk. Along with my angel sent doctor, Dr. Huff.

And this actual walk. There was confusion on details so it was just the 3 of us this time. ALthough super windy, it was a great time.


Melodie said...

how come i didn't even realize this? you could have used the jogger! sorry friend.

April said...

Praise God for sweet Lyndon! I'm glad the walk went well!