Friday, May 22, 2009

Such a Big Boy and loving it

Ok I stole the idea to post about this from a friend, but boy it's a priceless moment. By the law little ones must be 1 year and weigh 22lbs before facing forward in the car. Well we're slightly breaking the law. But come on, he's 1 year and goodness he's tired of looking at the back seat and it may be some time before we reach 22lbs. We're only 19 now. But he is in very secure and safe, so on Wednesday the 20th we turned him around. So I took pictures while still in the garage.

Looks like it will be a hit. So now let's see while the car was moving. And for the record this was only while in the neighborhood and I was going slow and still looked at the road, on and off.

Now that's pure joy. I think it's a hit and he would prefer looking out this way. I just love every moment with this little guy.

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McCain Family said...

Oh my gosh, he looks so happy!!! Isn't it so fun? And don't tell anyone, but Hayden has just barely reached 22 pounds, so I guess we broke the law too when she started sitting forward. Oops! :)